2017. Here we are. Today there’s the first full moon of the year and we’re also full of brand new energies.

New Year’s big concert is finally set aside. Christmas lights on the streets are off. The first flu of the year is set aside too. We’ve happily got rid of toxins as weel of old useless things.

Ready, steady, go!

This fresh new weeks of the year are not only full of good intentions, expectations and sales in the shops but it has started with meetings and wonderful blossoming just in the middle of the winter.

Yesterday, finally, after a lot of time, emails and projects there was the meeting and the workshop with Destinazione Umana.

We finally met and spent a day together!

It was the first of a series of meetings and workshops throughout Italy and you can find the calender here.

To be there it has been a great gift.

2107 has started making real a virtual net of relationships that has grown during this first years. For one day smiles, glances, stories, perspectives and dreams but also,  pizzas tagliolini and many other super tasty things have gathered together in the same magical place.

In one of the  room of the Monteveglio municipality in Valsamoggia, lately transformed in a wonderful coworking we’ve spent some fruitful hours that are so precious because we have had the chance to understand where we are and where we wanna go together.

What I believe is really great in Destinazione Umana, that we’ve joined immediately with great excitement (we’ve already talked about it in our Ship’s Log) is that there are so many different realities in the net but there’s a common fil rouge that hold us together. The meaning of hospitality, of travelling, of welcoming. It is not only a way of working, it is also a way of living and of telling our stories.

It’s the true pleasure of letting people inside our world, often inside our houses, in our rooms. The beauty of sharing something more than a bedroom, a breakfast or a dinner. The mindfulness that in the exchange we can only become richer.

Yesterday we’ve alsto listend to our stories and it is incredible how we can always find something about us in the others and at the same time find new inspiration to grow.

There were Elisabetta & Samuele from the very heart of Tuscany, Elisa  from Via degli Dei, the wonderful smiling Tina  from near Pisa, Federica from Valsamoggia and also Matteo from Bologna that talked about their project that join social work and hospitality. There were also people like Lucia that in a while is going to start her new project and just wanted to figure out if there is a chance of collaborating.

Another wonderful thing about Destinazione Umana and specifically about the guys behind this project is that they are all very young, some of them are still studying, but they have not let the sad situation in which our country is stucked stop them.

Silvia S., Valerio, Federica, Silvia B., Luca, Andrea, Francesco are beautiful, smiling, shining, they have courage and they’re truly smart.

Not everybody is able to propose an idea of travelling and life that put in the very centre people with their stories and not merely places to go. In the end every place has its own story to tell and if during your travel you can meet those who can tell you that story it can really change your life.

What Destinzione Umana proposes through the travel is to come in touch with unique lifestyles that may inspire the life of travellers.

It is something truly great…

For us it’s a true honour to be a piece of this big family and we only hope that it will grow with new ideas and projects to share. Today we would like to leave and know new things but also to stay here and let us know from people coming here ad Standard B&B.

Travelling is going somewhere, that’s for sure,  but it is also staying. Thank you Destinazione Umana, thank you to those who where there and we’ve met and to those that we will meet, to those who shared their story and to those that are still dreaming and planning it. We can’t wait to hear it. Meanwhile we wait for you here at Standard B&B.