The 2017 diary is ready, the last chocolate chips muffins of 2016 are freshly baked and breakfast is only waiting for our guests. It seems that event in the main square, just a few metres away from our b&b everything is ready for tonight big concert that would also be on national tv!

We’re ready!

Sice a few days road accesses in the city centres have changed to let work people and lots of umarèll (old and usually retired men with the their hands on the back that usually supervise the ongoing work on any construction site… very diffused in all the Italian territory) have followed the set up of the stage and of all the props needed to be aired on tv.

Yesterday night, going to some friends’ house we’ve been in the main square during the reharsals and there were already a lot of people seeing what was going on as this one it is a quite unusual event for a small town. For this very last day of 2016 that seems to be all sunny and with icy air we’re expeting really a huge deal of people coming from all over Italy to listen to Gigi D’Alessio and his bunch of friends.

Tonight Civitanova Marche would be on nationale tv… It would have been quite impossible to predict something like this only a few months ago, just before the devastating earthquake literally tuned upside down all the internal area of our region.

It’s true that you can never guess what’s gonna come, good or bad it may be. All we gotta do is live this moment, make the best of it for ouselves and all the people around us.

We’ve a lot of small and big ideas and projects for this new year but for of all we want to start (and finish) by thanking all the guests and friends that have made this 2016 special and that have given us the chance to grow day by day.

A special thanks to ♥:

Silvia, Paolo, Sergio, Ronny, Francesco, Assunta, Mirko, Ivan, Matteo, Lamberto, Paolo, Angela, Silvio, Fabio, Claudio, Andrea Leigh, Alan, Cinzia, Annarita, Matteo, Sara, Lara, Gianbattista, Stefano, Enrico, Giuseppe, Luca, Cosimo, Alberto, Monika, Eleonora, Chicca, Fabiola, Adrian, Alessandro, Davide, Roberto, Marcus, Zoe, Benedetta, Robert, Andrea, Tiziana, Moreno, Sonia, Luciano, Franco, Emanuela, Teresa, Alfonso, Daniele, Robby, Elisa, Lucia, Marta, Andrea, Elisa, Cinzia, Lucrezia, Federica, Mariarita, Laura, Valeria, Marco, Mattia, Marcella, Mela, Robby, zio Mimino, Antonio, Myriam, Giovanna, Anna Lucia, Giovanni, Federica, Nicola, Paolo, Paola, Giampaolo, Gomez, Neil, Angela, Salvatore, Marco, Mimmo, Luca, Chiara, Alessia, Margherita, Gabriella, Carlo, Elisabetta, Manu, Matteo, Martino, Simone, Eleonora, Leo, Caterina, Federico, Luisa, Patrizio, Luigi, Elke, Dheeraj, Alexey, Valeriya, Valeria, Ilaria, Matteo, Valentina, Rosa, Paolo, Gianluca, Graziano, Lucia, Daniela, Masaaki, Gen, Elisa, Leo, Marco, Irene, Davide, Scarlet, Gunnar, Ricarda, Amerigo, Valeria, Matteo, Giuseppina, Laura, Chiara, Alba Clara, Alessandro, Eleonora, Zied, Stefano, Matteo, Roberto, Sara, Riccardo, Silvia, Davide, Maria Carla, Nicoletta, Isabella, Eduard, Christa, Alexandra, Paul, Julian, Akhila, Alessandro, Martina, Teresa, Mirko, Cristina, Michel, Antonio, Maria, Filippo, Chiara, Melinda, Emma Sue, Elisa Stella, Marco, Lucia, Pietro, Luca, Sonia, Magnus, Valeria Alice, Jessica, Rosalie, Travers, Daniele, Maria Grazia, Giuseppe, Tuana, Manuel, Irene, Cristiana, Kenji, Simone, Jacopo, Lisa, Anna, Tito, Giovanni, Antonella, Clara, Cecc, Olmo, Giorgio, Davide, Elenina, Patrizia, Nicola, Marco, Francesca, Maria Elena, Luca, Silvia, Massimo, Enrico, Davide, Marta, Germano, Letizia, Mirco, Simona, Francesco, Cecilia, Miaole, Wei, Eleonora, Riccardo, Marco, Dagmar, Enzo, Simona, Davide, Marco, Tina, Emilie, Antonio, Fabio, Maria, Federico, Elisa, Melania, Marco, Enrico, Katia, Mariangela, Gabriella, Valentina, Massimiliano, Giuseppe, Rudy, Caterina, Emanuele, Giovanni, Telmo, Miel, Luca, Gomez, Diego, Alessandra, Becca, Norma, Simon, Giampiero, Roberta, Franco, Daniel, Leila, Polly, Sabina, Hywel, Hannah, Pier Paolo, Giorgia, Matteo, Sabina, Maria Grazia, Giovanni, Viviano, Corrado, Viviana, Anna, Vito, Alessandra, Susanna, Marta, Alberto, Maurizio, Stefania, Odenis, Roberto, Barbara, Simone, Martina, Giulia, Graziella, Paolo, Sara, Clizia, Davide, Antonio, Massimiliano, Gianluca, Virna, Davide, Vincenzo, Roberta, Fabio, Martina, Marin, Ionut, Nicolas, Angelo, Sara, Silvia, Alfonso, Asiia, Carlo, Caroline, Federico, Antonella, Mattia, Luigi, Micaela, Alberto, Martina, Jalel, Francesca, Alberto, Dalibor, Giovanni…

Behind each and every name there are stories, eyes, smiles and as I was browsing through the diary so much memories came to my mind. To meet is people is what truly makes the difference so we wish to all of you a 2017 rich with special, sweet, wonderful meeting especially made for you.

We always wait for you here.

Come and visit us