Perfume has a persuasive force far more convincing than words, look or will. You can’t refuse the persuasive force of a perfume, it penetrates us as the air we breath in our lungs, it fills in us, it completely takes control over us, and there’s no way of opposing it. (cit)

This page of our ship’s log is completely dedicated to a place we really love which only few steps away from Standard’s B&B front door. A place and the loveful, smiling soul who created it, lives and daily takes care of it. We want to talk about it because even if you cannot see it clearly in our rooms it literally floats in the air.

This place of our hearts is Bottega Malatini and its perfumer, and also shopkeeper, Mauro.

Civitanova is a small town and I like to think about it more as a big village than a city because the air you can breath is much closer to the authenticity of a small community than to the frenzied life of a big centre.

It is in this small and familiar dimension that you can find actual treasures.

We’ve met Mauro in his (first) shop when he had just opened, in a moment when we were full of projects and we were elaborating and transforming our dreams into something real and since then we’v never left.

We are in the same road, our beloved Corso Dalmazia, and when I’m back from the grocery shopping at the fish market (yes, in the fish market here in Civitanova you can buy also other stuff than fish…)  I always stop to say “hello” or I take him some new cookie to be tasted or a muffin to sweeten up the day.

I wrote his “first” shop because a few weeks ago, on March 12th, with last winter full moon, Bottega Malatini has moved and it has come even closer to us and it is even more beautiful and welcoming than ever.

In Bottega Malatini you can find all sort of amazing stuffs to take care of your body, your house, delicious teas and you can also find something that it is really hard to define or describe but that can heal your soul because Mauro with his shining smile is an attentive and caring listener, not only an exquisite nose.

Going back to what you can find in Bottega Malatini there is also your perfume.

Completely bespoke on you, just like tailored suit.

Mauro is a Master perfumer and if you wish, with your help,  he will bring to light your fragrance: unique, personal and to be worn everyday.

Everyone has his or her perfume that in a way is a message made of  memories, days gone by and even dreams and wishes towards we’re going to.

It is very rare to stop and start thinking about the perfume as a deep aspect of ourselves but it is an irreplaceable piece of our personality, even if its nature is a changing one. Perfume is something that eludes all form of intellectual control but it has an undeniable power over us. Maestro Franco Battiato in of his songs that I really love talks about the animal that lives within us and I believe that the perfume has something to do with that animal. It is strictly connected to our most instinctive and wild part of ourselves, the most uncontrollable and truthful self that pushes us toward what we love and faraway from what we cannot stand.

What else than a delicious perfume can attract us more?

Usually we don’t pay attention to it but the perfume can catch us and lead far away. It can also lead towards ourselves.

So, maybe you’ve never thought about it in this way but having someone who can make a bespoke perfume on us can also make us discovering a part of ourselves and maybe also taking care of it.

Just a few steps from Standard B&B there’s the place where you can find your own unique perfume.

What are you waiting for?

Come and visit us

Here you can find the Facebook page of Bottega Malatini Qui la pagina facebook della Bottega Malatini  where you can find all the information on what’s going on there and staying in touch.


Mauro Malatini
Photo Mary Della Giovanna

Bottega Malatini
Corso Dalmazia 105
Photo Silvia Borroni