Today we want to dedicate this new page of the Standard B&B ship’s log to share with you something that it’s “outside the Standard” and the daily routine.

A song by GilloSosia, the band in which Angelo composes, sings and it’s a kind of piece of his soul has been selected among of 4.000 to partecipate to CapiTalent, a radio contest by Radio Capital.

During these days you may listen to “Our Love is Just One Word” while Radio Capital is on and you may vote for it until Friday 13 May following this link.

Here below you can find a video where you come to know better GilloSosia and their adventure in the US to record their album at Henry Hirsch’s Waterfront Studios. Henry Hirsch has been the producer of the first Lenny Kravitz’s albums and of many other international arstists.

If you want today around 2 pm on Radio Capital you may also listen to a live interview to GilloSosia made by Fabio Arboit & Giancarlo Cattaneo.

Completely useless trying to describe our excitement, there are places unachievable by words, but we want to try to bring you with us into this story, which is one of the many stories that made Standard B&B what it is: a story made of passion, dreams and a lot of work to make these dreams something that live in every day.