Maybe it’s something you’ve already noticed on social networks in the last few days but we want to highlight that now the Standard B&B is officially part of the Human Destination network.

Sometimes somewhere magic happens and the internet can be able to create something that can change and actually brighten up our daily life.

The monitor of our computer becomes a door that can be opened on reality and no more a wall that sets apart our online and offline life.

There are virtual places like Human Destination portal that can really pierce the monitor and connect people creating bridges and making possible to share both experiences and places where to travel.

That’s what Human Destination is: a bridge to reach not only travelling destination but people.

A few weeks ago Chiara wrote me an email, she is one of my ex coworker who is actually a friend, one of those friends you can barely see for months or years but with whom you know you share something that goes beyond daily life.

Chiara pointed out our structure on Human Destination website and put us in contact with Silvia and her amazing project.

The only thing we could do was become a part of this network because we share the very basis of Human Destination project.

What we’ve tried to do opening the Standard B&B and actually completely changing our lives is to go towards people opening the doors of our house and getting to know better even ouselves through the others.

We want to create a place that makes people feel at home even when they’re away from home.

Meeting someone can be pure emotion and “emotion” as the origin of the word itself says it’s a movement towards the outside. We move, we travel and not only our bodies move from place to place but even our heart and mind may travel and meet what they’re looking for and so they may have the chance to change and grow.

This is the Human Destination website if you’re curious about and if you want to find not only somewhere but also someone where to travel to:

and this is the link to our interview on their website 🙂