Sea friends

How BSide and Fantasia Feste met at the beach

and gave life to a lovely Christmas project


The days have dramatically shortened, it seems like yesterday that we were at the beach playing Uno and eating ice cream and pizzas and now next summer seems as far away as a mirage in the desert.

The sea has taken on its most romantic and stormy winter connotations and while waiting for the days to be sunny again, I want to tell you the story of a friendship and a new business adventure born right between Giovanni and Anna’s orange umbrellas.

We met Silvia many years ago at Angelo’s lives. She’s always bees a huge Jamiroquai fan and since she discovered Dynamite, one of Angelo’s bands with whom Jamiro’s songs were played, she has never missed a gig and since we moved in Civitanova and we opened the Standard B&B she has always come here for a few days of relax both in summer and in winter …

Civitanova should seriously consider has as a testimonial.

Riccardo and Lorenzo are really the “friends of the sea”, they live in Rome but their family has origins in Macerata and every summer they spend here at least part of their holidays. We met through a mutual friend, our beloved Simona, and we have never left each other.

Giovanni and Anna’s beach, our reference point, is the place where the adventure of “Xmas T-Shirts” took its first steps last summer.

B side style is Silvia’s brand that transforms her creativity and her designs into fantastic t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Fantasia Feste is the project that Riccardo and Lorenzo have been carrying out since 2009 by organizing events and parties for children.

Between a bath and little sunbathing  the project took shape and these real goodies were born: perfect for making Christmas gifts with a little taste of summer in our hearts.

Here, we have nothing to do with this whole thing but we still feel part of this project because it took shape right here and it is carried out by special people, special friends who do their work with their hearts.

It is difficult to find the words to bring you the magic and simplicity with which beautiful things sometimes manage to be born under the August sun to even warm up Christmas.

This is something we love made by people we love.


Here the link at the online shop.

Stay tuned

Letizia e Angelo

We are Letizia and Angelo and We believe deeply in hospitality as a value, inside and outside the walls of our bed & breakfast. We love things made with love and passion from cookies to books, passing through pictures and travels. We love to read, to listen to, to learn and looking people in the eyes.

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