We’ve landed

Here we are! Now for little over a month the Standard B&B has landed in Civitanova and has opened its doors in Corso Dalmatia 134. In the last few weeks our house has already been crossed by many people and their stories and finally we are also here on the web to share part of our story with you, our traveling companions.

We will use this space to update you on what’s going inside our house, subscribing to our newsletter you will also find the recipes of our tasty breakfast and we will tell you what to do when you will be here: where we like to eat, going to the beach, the places we like to hang out and why so when you will come and visit us you will also have a little guide to do not get lost.

We thought the works to renovate the house would have taken less time but to prepare everything has took longer than we expected and instead of opening in early spring we have been ready only in late summer.

This first part of the navigation has been a bit longer than expected but the satisfaction now  that we’ve moored in the harbor of our soul is great. Here in our ship’s log we will try to bring you a taste of what’s going on inside these walls in this house that for us is at the same time a safe harbour, a boat and an island. A place of the soul where you can travel, rest and carry on sailing.



Letizia e Angelo

We are Letizia and Angelo and We believe deeply in hospitality as a value, inside and outside the walls of our bed & breakfast. We love things made with love and passion from cookies to books, passing through pictures and travels. We love to read, to listen to, to learn and looking people in the eyes.

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