When a guest becomes a friend

If someone, for any reason, at any time in your life will ever tell you that writing a blog is an easy thing, my advice is: “Don’t believe it!”

Or if nothing else, be wary because keeping up with one of these creatures of the digital age and doing it with care, diligence and passion has nothing that can be categorized as “easy”.

It seems that one of the secrets lies in planning the things to write, understanding who to contact, what to tell and prioritize.

I try to go with the priorities.

Undoubtedly the most important thing from which we would like to start again here on the blog is also the one we care about most: our guests.

First of all, without them we would not work at all, and then, if one chooses to work in the world of hospitality, one must necessarily care about the well-being of others, first of all the well-being of those who are choosing you.

We have just opened the doors of what was once the holiday home by the sea (of my family) to those passing through here in Civitanova and one thing we have always had very clear is that those who come here are never just customers but always guests.

It may seem like a minor difference but for us it isn’t.

Behind the affirmation that first of all who comes to us is a guest and not a customer opens the perspective on an entire world, a way of thinking, a way of seeing and living the world in which we are immersed.

For us, whoever enters our red door at 134 Corso Dalmazia is not simply someone who has purchased a service but we would like them to be a person who can feel at home even far away from home. we would like to offer not only a clean and welcoming room, we would like them to find a breakfast that reflects their tastes as much as possible and that is also experienced as a cuddle. We would like to give them the warmth of a smile, the kindness and all the passion we put into our job.

A few years have passed and we can say that it has happened that those who came in as a guests came out as our friends.

Of course it is not an automatic or it has to forcely happen  but it is a magic that often took place and I think it is really one of the most precious gifts of this work.

This is a true (and beautiful) story of the Standard B&B.

Delia had moved here to Civitanova to do an internship in a large company in the footwear and waiting for her rented apartment to be ready she came to stay with us for a few days: now we see each other at least once a week, we talk almost daily and this summer we went on vacation together. In addition to being a simple friend, Delia has become a family person, now essential in our lives.

Below is also the photographic evidence of what I am telling.

Delia guest and friend

Delia when arrived as a guest – May 2015

One thing that I find wonderful is that in Italian the word “ospite” (guest) already means both the guest and the host and so this deep interconnection and exchange.

Delia & Letizia @ Lenny Kravitz concert – May 2019

Delia @ Standard B&B with an apple pie

When you write or call us, even if it is the first time that we speak, feel absolutely free to call us by our name and not being formal, if it isn’t something that bothers you or embarrasses you. We prefer it because then in fact we hope to see you enter the door of our house and we would like you to feel at ease immediately.

Holidays in Greece – September 2019

Here at the Standard B&B we will always do our best to make you feel welcomed in the best way and to make you find the warmth of a home even away from home.

Many of our friends pass by and maybe it will happen to you too to enter as guests and leave as friend.

Leti & Gillo

Letizia e Angelo

We are Letizia and Angelo and We believe deeply in hospitality as a value, inside and outside the walls of our bed & breakfast. We love things made with love and passion from cookies to books, passing through pictures and travels. We love to read, to listen to, to learn and looking people in the eyes.

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