It’s always the right time for a pizza!

I truly believe that it’ s always time for a slice of pizza.

For me pizza is the ultimate divine food: few ingredients put together and you can taste happiness…

Pizza is easy, it is decisive, it has a thousand possible variations and over the years it has also become a gourmet food because if you choose those few ingredients carefully and use flair and creativity to match the flavors, the results can be truly amazing.

It goes withot saying it again that I love pizza is and I also confess that when I am travelling, even on the other side of the world, I like to taste what they call pizza over there.

I love pizza for an infinite number of reasons and here in Civitanova I feel safe, like in a refuge, in a protected oasis because there are so many, many pizzerias by the slice.

I believe that this thing has never been included in any guide but Civitanova has a truly impressive amount of pizzerias by the slice, if there was a category I think it could fall into the Guinness Book of Records: I have never seen a concentration of pizzerias by the slice in any another place and above all they all have their own peculiarity: a pizza for which it is worth stopping and having a snack.

Here you will find the pizzerias that are a few steps from our Standard B&B and where you can stop for a snack or to take a few pieces to accompany a fresh beer to be enjoyed on the pier or on the beach at sunset.

It is always the right time for a pizza.

It is absolutely not a ranking because I love them all in the same way but it is more a map of the pizzerias of the heart a stone’s throw from the Standard B&B.


On via Zara, just around the corner with Corso Dalmazia, you will find the “Pizzeria Mara”. Mara’s pizzas have the flavor of the 80s, the smile that will welcome you behind the counter is warm and the genuine passion for the craft shines through. When I come here I always get inspired by what I find behind the counter and by Vasco Rossi who is (almost) always in the background.


Ciriaco is a piece of Civitanova’s history and the recipe for his pizza has moved out of the place which has now taken Sauardò but has not been lost. On Corso Umberto I there is the pizzeria “Da Mitico”, the myth is clearly Ciriaco, of which Romina and Andrea carry on the tradition and ensure that the flavor of that inimitable onion pizza is not lost in the memory. In their pizzeria on the shopping and walking street of Civitanova you can also find many photos of Civitanova as it once was and dream while enjoying your pizza.

Needless to say, my favorite pizza here is the one with onion but also the simple red one is worldwide.


“Pizzeria Centro”

This pizzeria is on Corso Dalmazia, just like the Standard B&B, inside it has a room with tables where it is possible to eat and spend some time. It reminds me so much of the afternoons when I went to school and found myself with my friends.

Their white pizza with potatoes is a real must. Absolutely unbeatable.

“Pizzeria del Corso”

Without leaving Corso Dalmazia, but on the other side of the road, going towards Piazza XX Settembre, there is the “Pizzeria del Corso”, another historic pizzeria that also reminds me of time I spent living in Modena because their pizzas are reminiscent of the “pizzas a high quality picture” by Altero. The “pizzeria del Corso” was the favorite of Gianni, a great friend of my father, another unforgettable soul from Civitanova, and also for this reason for me this pizza will always have a special place in my heart (and in my belly).

“Ciak Express”

Last but not least: we go into the narrow streets of the center to go to “Ciak Express”. Between Corso Dalmazia and Corso Umberto just around the corner from Piazza Conchiglia, the delightful square full of places to spend summer evenings, there is “Ciak Express” – Carlo’s pizzeria: another piece of history of pizzerias  of Citanò. Here I love to eat stuffed focaccia but really all their pizzas deserve a taste


I don’t think there have ever been tasting itineraries of pizzas by the slice but know that in Citanò there is also this.

Enjoy your pizza slice

Letizia e Angelo

We are Letizia and Angelo and We believe deeply in hospitality as a value, inside and outside the walls of our bed & breakfast. We love things made with love and passion from cookies to books, passing through pictures and travels. We love to read, to listen to, to learn and looking people in the eyes.

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